What Lies Ahead

What Lies Ahead

Bury Your Past, Fool's Brew, Atlanta's Burning

Sat · April 13, 2019

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

$10.00 - $13.00

What Lies Ahead
What Lies Ahead is a 3 piece metal band based out of the Chicago suburbs. Made up of memebers Mike Quarrato (Bass, Vocals) Santiago Barrera (Guitars, backing vocals) and Steve Smith (Drums, Jerk), WLA have been hitting it hard since their inception in 2015.

WLA is a brutal and melodic melting pot of old school thrash metal, catchy choruses, in your face hard rock, and straight ahead metal all brought together by 3 guys from the burbs just trying to put their stamp on the awesome local music scene in the area.

In January 2016, “The Damage Left In Your Wake” WLA’s first album, was released along with the band playing their very first show. During the next two years the band played rigorously throughout the northern Illinois/Chicago land supporting the album.

Through 2017 the band wrote and recorded their follow up album “The Birth Of Tragedy” and released it June 16th, 2018 with a huge party in Barrington, IL.

WLA takes pride in writing music that is “pop cultural” based but also socially relevant to the times we’re in. Whether it’s about love, loss, anger, sadness or Game of Thrones, John Wick, Mad Max, Tomb Raider, T.A.B.s, or even Star Wars, there is definitely something to be found for every heavy music listener in What Lies Ahead.
Bury Your Past
The origins of BYP can be traced back to 2012 if memory serves right. Steve, Chris, and Jacek, veterans of the local music scene were eager to write new music, to start a band and play out again. Enter Joel on lead guitar who we found through a mutual friend, and Bob on drums who we hooked up with through an ad. First music writing ensued soon thereafter in Steve’s basement in Franklin Park.
When we collectively look back at the early days of the band and where we are today, we tell a tale of 2 bands, 2 BYPs if you will. The original version of BYP had written about 9 songs, recorded a 3 song home-made demo, and played out several shows. A lineup change came eventually with Chris and Joel departing the band. Enter Freddy who initially was recruited for bass duties, but transitioned to guitar after Joel’s departure. This left us with a void at bass. A lengthy break followed, time to reflect, rethink the musical direction and writing.
We decided to transition our practice spot from the flood-prone, smelly room we were renting to the friendly confines of Jacek’s basement. Right around this time, the next level, next gen, version 2.0, call it what you will, (you get the idea) BYP was born. Still without a bass player, we started writing completely new material and in new tuning. The best part of it all was that we were completely on the same page, all of us contributing to the writing process, open to all ideas resulting in very productive jam sessions. Special thanks to alcohol which always seems to give us that extra level of creativity and inspiration. Ted eventually joined the team on bass to complete what is the modern day BYP lineup. Ted is a quick learner and we wasted no time bringing him up to speed on the new material. In early 2017 we were ready to rock out again, with a set of new songs, excited to see and hear what people’s reaction would be. Our first show back in early spring was a huge success with great turnout (the infamous 8:16 tour kickoff). We have continued to play out through the summer and fall, we met some great people along the way, awesome local bands which we teamed up with for several shows and for what is now called Bandfam.
We’ve added a few covers to the mix and added our own flavor to a couple of them. We continue to write and challenge ourselves to be better with each song. Our 6 song EP recoding is nearing completion and we can’t wait for the finished product.
We are forever thankful to our families for their unconditional support, putting up with our noise and tolerating us being away for those few hours each weekend, coming out to shows no matter how near or far. To our friends, thank you for having our back, for your continued support and for being in our lives. We couldn’t do it without you. To the bands we’ve had the privilege of playing with and have seen play, you inspire us and we look forward to seeing you on-stage and sharing the stage with you, not to mention having a few drinks. To the people that have come out to shows, whether it’s to see us or other bands or all the bands, keep supporting the local scene. You are the reason we do this.
BYP Out!
Fool's Brew
Atlanta's Burning
Atlanta Is Burning is a Metalcore band from the Chicago area. The band was formed in 2011 with drummer Keith
Humphrey, bassist Carlene Bruno, and guitarist Al Kruse. That same year the band added vocalist James Costa and in
2012, guitarist Andy Kent. James Costa would leave in 2015; Dave Metzler would join in 2016 and was the bands lead
vocalist until 2018 when he was replaced by current vocalist Rob Penzenik.
The band took its name from the scene in Gone with the Wind in which the lead character Scarlett O’Hara, played by
Vivien Leigh, rushes to escape the flames that engulf Atlanta, Georgia during the American Civil War. This escape scene
stands out as one of the most famous parts in the film, which helped to ignite Vivien Leigh’s acting career. The film also
made Vivien an American icon, but it allowed for her to become type casted with an image she would grow to despise.
Vivien's life is the subject in many of Atlanta Is Burning's songs. The band’s first released song, “A Wicked Thing to Say”
was written about Vivien’s ensuing hatred for Hollywood. Through heavy guitars, hard hitting drums, and growling
vocals, the band revives Vivien’s frustration with the film, the fame, and the critics of her time.
Venue Information:
96 W Main St.
West Dundee, IL, 60118